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Long-awaited page update - Simutrans (23rd Apr 2004, 01:44) by Ond°ej Zarev˙cky

I'm sorry for big delay in updating this page, but in the near future I'll be doing final exams and I don't have time to update this page regularly.

New Simutrans version ( with patch ( (29th Mar 2004, 17:22) by Ond°ej Zarev˙cky

New features: 
 - new road and railroad track types. The types vary in cost, maintenance and top speed values. 
    The default PAK files include: 
      * dirt road 
      * gavel road 
      * cobblestone road 
      * asphalt road 

      * wooden sleeper track 
      * concrete sleeper track 
      * steep sleeper track 

 - Road type of initial city connections is now configureable 

Fixed bugs: 
 - vehicles can be assigned to lines again (Hendrik) 

The patch fixes the missing electric engines problem

New MakeObj version (0.1.7) (29th Mar 2004, 17:19) by Ond°ej Zarev˙cky

This version matches Simutrans and newer.
 - new road and railroad types 
 - weight_per_unit attribute for goods 
 - engine_type attribute for vehicles 

New Simutrans version ( (29th Mar 2004, 17:10) by Ond°ej Zarev˙cky

New features: 
 - relief map now shows tracks (white), overhead wires (red) and signals (yellow) 
 - show lines of appropriate type in depot window and convoi schedule window 

 - "selection box/rectangle" in relief map now resizes, respecting the various zoom factors 
 - improved scrollable list look 
 - scrollbars now have "GREY" slidingbar backgrounds, again (also fixed map background) 
 - min size for city list 
 - increased depot line selector max size to 150 
 - improved combobox behaviour 
 - lines now are of type TRUCKLINE, TRAINLINE or SHIPLINE 

Fixed bugs: 
 - Changing routing does not affect passengers en-route [Forum]
   -> fixed by rebuilding destinations, once the last pending update has been completed 
 - Overlaping texts on status bar on splash screen [Forum]
   -> fixed by moving text "Welcome to Simutrans" a bit to the left 
 - Emergency remove ("X" Button") now removes the vehicle from relief map also
 - Emergency remove ("X" Button") while schedule window was open could cause a crash

New Simutrans version ( (18th Mar 2004, 17:37) by Ond°ej Zarev˙cky

New features: 
 - clickeable news ticker messages. 

 - lowest industry setting does not produce industries at all 

Fixed bugs: 
 - factories no longer produce goods while the game is paused 
 - pause mode should not end with ALT-Tab anymore (not tested) 

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