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New Simutrans version ( (10th Mar 2004, 03:59) by Ond°ej Zarev˙cky

- schedule window got scrollbars
- station details window got scrollbars
- now 32 entries per schedule allowed

Fixed bugs:
- removing signals inside/at the end of stations works now properly
- "no route" filter should work again (fixed and tested before integration of Hendriks changes)
- minimizing the map window doesn't leave buttons floating
- minimizing station and vehicle info window doesn't interfere with chart drawing anymore

New Simutrans version ( (7th Mar 2004, 17:44) by Ond°ej Zarev˙cky

- Factory info winow text formatting was damegd in one of the last releases.

Fixed bugs:
- Removing signals - hopefully always working and being bug free.

New Simutrans version ( (7th Mar 2004, 17:38) by Ond°ej Zarev˙cky

New features:
- relief map can now display a lot of additional info (useage statistics need one day to build up)
- city list (hotkey 'T')

- overhead wires no longer disable track info window

Fixed bugs:
- one of the bridge tool icons was too small

New Simutrans version ( (26th Feb 2004, 01:19) by Ond°ej Zarev˙cky

New features:
- Maximum search depth of goods routing is now configureable via (max_hops setting)
- Toolbar icon for line management

- Text handling of all windows (now using objects of a bounds-checked character buffer class)
- Updated Japanese and Danish translations

Fixed bugs:
- Potential buffer overruns in text handling.

PackView SimuObjects reader update (26th Feb 2004, 01:15) by Ond°ej Zarev˙cky

Small update of PackView SimuObjects reader has been uploaded. It fixes problems with unloading not fully loaded files.
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